Boquete – the first 36 hours

We arrived for our 10 day visit with several objectives in mind. Buy a car and find a place to spend the summer.
Our flight got into Panama a little early so we managed to catch the 10:40 PM bus to David. It was cold and bumpy but we made it by 5 AM. A quick school bus ride brought us to Central Park where we had breakfast while the world woke up.
We got to our casita early and unpacked. It is at the Dos Jefe Coffee Plantation. Very quiet and peaceful. Then bought a car, quick trip to Romero’s grocery store and then back to the casita. And it was only 10 AM. With almost no sleep on the bus, the new short term goal was to stay awake until 8 PM. Lunch at Sugar n Spice and a walk around town was about all we were up for so back to the casita. We met our 8 PM bedtime by about 30 seconds.
This morning we woke to roosters and birds. Breakfast at a very local place, El Saberon. However, 2 omelettes, 2 tortillas and 2 OJs cost us a grand total of $3.80. What a deal. The last time we were in Boquete saw huge amounts of rain and cloud cover. Since this year it is clear and cool, we re-traced our Volcancito drive. Most of this area is too high in elevation for us but it’s very pretty. Boquete has been experiencing some unseasonal winds. They die down a bit during the day but it really blows at night. This is a good time for us to see areas that may not get so much wind. We didn’t see many clear areas today. Lunch at Nelvis is always good. Chicken, rice, veggies and, again, cheap. Just under $7 for both of us. And then……. the brakes on our new (yet really old) car went. 2 hours later we took the car back to the casita but now we need to wait for parts. Next week should be new brakes and we will bus down to David to spend some time.
Dinner was made by my expert at-home chef and husband. Chicken with vegetables over rice. His difficulty was lack of basic spices but it was still very good. We look forward to raising our own chickens and spices.
We talked about being bored here after the final move. I don’t think so. Living here is different than visiting and there is a lot to do. Hiking is planned for tomorrow. Need to find the trout farm. Contacted 2 people about summer housing. Bought return flight to Panama – no overnight bus back. Unfortunately we could not get them for Sunday morning because of a fair so we will spend Saturday night/St. Patrick’s day in Panama.
Almost 9 and Boquete goes to bed early. Tomorrow night we will try Las Ruinas for a little socializing.


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