What a Difference a Day Makes

We have a cute little casita up in the mountains in the middle of a coffee plantation. It’s just over 4 km from town so basic utilities sometimes are just not there. Yesterday we lost electricity, internet, hot water and water – not necessarily in that order. We are also at the end of the windy season and at this altitude, it howls at night. However, it is also quiet and beautiful. I haven’t seen the sky at night this clear since I was a kid. There are chickens here so I bought some corn feed and fed them last night. This morning, the rooster was looking in the door. Good thing we have a 5 lb bag of feed.
Lesson learned today: More reliable necessities are found closer to town so that’s where we will be found too.
So our task today is to find a summer home meeting the new criteria. It will be closer to town with a reliable water supply. We checked out a place in lower Volcancito, one near the Panamonte Inn and made arrangements to see a condo later this week. I think the condo on the river will win. If not, Volcancito.
This is such a small town that it seems like we see the same people all the time. That’s unlikely since there are about 1000 ex-pats here and we see the same 10 people. Many tourists here too but most seem to stick out as tourists. I suppose that’s what the locals call us too.
We had breakfast at Amigo’s and lunch at El Somberon. Being Sunday, we called it a day early and just hung out at the casita and cooked dinner for us and one of the dogs that loves our food.
Tomorrow the car goes to the shop and we go to David.


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