Our Two Month Try-out

Arrived in Boquete in the late afternoon on a Sunday. Not surprised that everything was closed except Romero’s (the local grocery store) and Big Daddy’s for dinner. Romero’s has a small pharmacy which is pretty unique for a gringa. You tell the pharmacist your symptoms or what you want. I came with a cold and got 4 Sudafed tablets for 92 cents. Unfortunately they did not have my personal favorite, Nyquil.
Romero’s is a 7-11 upgrade. You can find most everything but not they ‘type’ you want. You can get milk, but not necessarily fat free milk.
Our townhouse is part of the Villa Lorena group near Panamonte. The location is great, the accommodations are sparse. Part of our shopping last night and today will be for simple items like salt and pepper shakers and ice cube trays. I can’t believe that previous long-term occupants didn’t already purchase these things but they aren’t here now. We also found that the sinks, as per Panamanian tradition, do not have hot water. So I must turn on the shower just to wash my face.
If all goes well this summer and we move, we are already compiling a list of non-negotiable amenities – hot water in the sinks, larger lot, no gated community.
So this is Day 1 of our long-term Boquete experiment. Off to Olga’s for breakfast.


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