Volunteering is NOT Work

We have been in Boquete about 2 1/2 weeks and have signed up and attended almost everything we know about. The activity I was most looking forward to was Amigos de Animales who provide low-cost/free spaying, neutering and other vet care. With limited space and limited funding, this group is amazing. A tented driveway is the intake area where the animals are recorded and given a tag. The other tented driveway area is where the animals are anesthetized and shaved. Then they go into a small room where 4-5 vets from Costa Rica work non-stop for about 8 hours. Usually it is a spay or neuter but we saw 2 dogs who had tumors, one had several very large tumors that were removed. The other dog needs chemo so the vet from Costa Rica will go to the dog’s home for treatment. As newbie volunteers, our job was to get the animals back into consciousness. About 80 animals went through the clinic last Sunday.

We also joined the BCP and have now been assigned the job of prop people for the next show. I don’t know yet what that entails but I will try anything once. The people that run the BCP are hard workers and talented. They will do a comedy show in July and other plays throughout the year. They also put on fundraising activities so the people there stay really busy.
David is off today for the ‘men’s golf’ day at Valle Escondito.


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