Yes! Boquete will be our new home

We were so busy in Boquete over the summer, that I didn’t even write. David and I got involved in the BCP and participated in their first Comedy Show. We even had bit parts in addition to our major job of props. We rehearsed about 3 weeks and then the show lasted for 3 nights.
My daughter, Kelly, came to visit for about 10 days. We went river rafting and had a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, the electric companies are damming the rivers so the available rafting rivers are near Costa Rica. We did a lot of hiking and then went to Bocas del Toro. About a 2 hour drive, we stayed in Bocas Town but visited Red Frog Beach. Kelly snorkeled and we went scuba diving. The diving is not good because of all the silt from the rains in the mountains. It’s not my kind of town – little rough around the edges and not terribly clean. Came back to Boquete with a nice case of Pink Eye. Ojo Rojo in Espanol. So I got to experience the local doctor and practice my limited Spanish. After Kelly left, we went to Boca Brava to do more diving. The one and only dive master raised his prices to $250 each, not including equipment. We went snorkeling instead but it was really nice.
Another group we joined was Amigos de Animales which does a monthly low cost spay and neuter clinic. Our job was to bring the animals out of anesthesia and keep them warm. We were there for two clinics. Long day and hard work but loved every minute.
And we began playing in 2 local trivia contests. I must say that we kick ass.
Then it came time to leave. Hard to believe that 2 months went so quickly. We love the life there, the people and the town. We are now very sure that we will begin our retirement in Boquete. On our last day we put an offer in for a piece of land in Volcancito. More on that in the next post.


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