Getting Prepared to Move – Day 1

Our target move date is July 1, 2013. Before then, we must sell the contents of our house, our house and 2 cars. It seems overwhelming so a little at a time.
Our realtor told us to neutralize one room and everything else was perfect. Sounds easy – except. The room to neutralize is our ‘travel room’ full of stuff from around the world. Furniture from Morocco and Mali, travel guides, a Tanzanian spear, snow globes from everywhere and a great wall treatment that looks like aged leather. Decorations are clocks showing the location and time from 10 major cities in the world. A chair rail is decoupaged with tickets and mementos from all our travels.

Now it is plain and beige

Today I packed our first box – delicate snow globes that will be going into storage until we have a permanent place. We carefully removed the chair rail in hopes of reusing it one day. Some of the paint pealed and chipped, which will begin our Day 2 task.
This room is also the staging area for our first garage sale in October. It’s amazing how much two people can collect living in 1 place for 9 years. We haven’t even started on the attic yet, which includes 6 Christmas trees.
But for now, Box 1 is packed.


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