First Garage Sale

Today we began the overwhelming task of getting rid of our “stuff”. Three truck loads of boxes and crates went to the JPT community garage sale. We sold about half. Oddly, the good stuff didn’t even attract a moments attention. We had skis/boots. a wetsuit, 3 top-end backpacks, and a couple of really nice Christmas trees. Craig’s List will see these items soon. On a good note, we sold 2 dinner sets – one for Christmas and the other from my grandmother. It’s about 40 years old and I’ve used them less than a dozen times. Someone got a good deal.
Now about our foreign customers. Locally, Haitians are well known bargainers at garage sales. If you said a priceless antique was going for 10 cents, they would still demand to only pay 5 cents. One woman today just made me crazy. How much is this? “$10” Can I get it for $5. “No, it’s a really good deal at $10” If I buy this, this, this and this, can I get it all for $8. “No, you can get it all for $17. How about this, how much? “It’s $1” Can I get it for 50 cents? “No, it’s $2.” That finally shut her up.
So, we made about $500 and nothing will be missed. Unfortunately, the unsold stuff is back in the garage waiting for the City garage sale next month. There was also a much needed stop at Goodwill to dump Halloween costumes and other stuff.
I am thinking that the after-house-sale will be so much more exhausting.


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