Second Garage Sale

IMG_0086This garage sale reduced the amount of junk we have collect considerably. Not as much profit as sale number 1, but we had less cheap stuff to offer every Haitian in s. Florida who stopped by to offer 1/10th the asking price – every single time.
Tip: If Haitians come to your garage sale and ask how much your $1 item is, tell them $5 and they will still offer to pay you 25 cents. Or they will say “I will pay you 50 cents for 34 of them”. AAuugh!
The bulk of the leftovers went to Goodwill for a nice IRS write-off. I feel like Mitt Romney with my tax breaks. But we still have 3 Christmas trees, a wet suit, 2 backpacks and 2 sets of ski boots. Craigs List has become my friend. The garage is fairly empty – except for the giant Christmas trees – and I have room to park my little Mini.

Good news is that the 3 of our closets are pretty empty and the house is ready for staging. The bedrooms are cleared and ready for staging. 9 weeks until we list the house. Only 26 more student contact weeks.


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