Almost Homeless

Our house sold in just 5 hours – and for over list price. Then the new owners bought a bunch of our furniture. We still have a 9 foot wall unit that we will be lucky to give away to a blind man. Who wants a wall unit? Of course I could sell it to the scam artist that contacted me from the Craigslist ad. He sent me a check for $2400 for the wall unit and I am suppose to pay for his “guy” to deliver the unit to him. This is a fairly well known scam. The check is worthless but the victim doesn’t find out until the item has already been picked up so they loose money and articles. So I told him that I already deposited the check (which I did not) and then I will contact our local police to see what we should do to put this guy out of business.

Our next abode looks like it will be an extended stay hotel room for 2 months. Me, David and 2 cats in 1 room for 62 days. This could get ugly quick.

So we pack. Pack for our March trip where most will remain at Chiriquí Storage. Pack for June which will include 2 cats and a litter box. Pack for November for heavy stuff we can put in the relocation cruise cabin. Pack for the container that will arrive in Panama in a year or so. Four packing jobs. Then we have 2 storage units in Florida and 1 in Boquete. And everything has to be organized, packed into the appropriate container and stored by April.

The hard sale – my mini Cooper x which I love. It’s my perfect, cute car and I have to let it go. Mini Coopers and Panamanian roads would never work. Trading my cute yellow car for a SUV mom car.

We have a home for about 6 more weeks and then we are almost homeless. But it is also a big step


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