Who Wants a Wall Unit?

Our final Estate Sale emptied our house of everything. Most was great stuff which was sold for pennies on the dollar. That still wasn’t low enough for our eager Haitian customers. If I was asking $5 for my 2013 car, they would “give” me fifty cents for it. They are challenging customers to be sure. One of the harder items to sell was a huge wall unit. It is beautiful, about 9 feet wide and solid teak. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold the ginormous TVs that every male on the planet wants. I listed it on Craigslist and got an almost immediate response. A man said that he was a veterinarian in Palm Beach that was too busy to come to the house since he was inoculating a herd of cows. Yes, that was his reason. He stated that he would send me a check including money to pay the delivery guy and I should cash the check and then pay his driver. Yes, that was his story. About 2 weeks later a check, from a Missouri bank, arrived in the mail. It was not only for thousands of dollars over the purchase price, it was the absolute worst forged check ever. He called the day the check arrived and urged me to deposit the check immediately, which was a Friday evening. Yes, he thought I was actually going to do this. So, playing along, I told him I deposited the check. He called back the first thing Saturday morning and told me that his bank had called him and he authorized release of the funds. Amazing, since I did not deposit the check. Then he wanted me to send him the excess immediately by cashier’s check since “his delivery guy would no longer take cash from the seller”. I asked why he sent so much and he assured me that he was just an honest guy trying to get furniture delivered to Miami. When I asked his address, he gave me the address of the Newark Airport. His phone number was from Tennessee. Eventually I got tired of playing with him so he got the big “F U”. This stunt must work frequently since banks won’t investigate unless it is a scam of more than $10,000.
Back to the wall unit – SOLD! One of my Haitian customers bought it. Maybe I will stop complaining about them at garage sales.
Our home echoes it is so empty but it’s a good feeling that we are several steps closer to Boquete.


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