Home Sweet Home

Spring Break and another quick trip to Panama, this time with major objectives. First, find a house for us and the cats. Then buy a new car and get our phones operational. When we arrived on Friday morning – after the all night bus from Panama, we were a little stressed that this would be very, very difficult.
First the house. An internet friend turned us on to her landlord who had a ‘big house’ to rent. It was fantastic. 2 bedrooms, loft, great kitchen, a little yard to garden and close to town. Several realtors showed us what was available and most were not good at all and about $1500 mo. This being so beautiful, I thought it would be even more. Surprise – about half the going rate. Ruth – our new landlady, believes that people are more important than money. And this place is a gem! And we could put our stuff there instead of Chiriquí Storage.

The house is in a mixed Panamanian/gringo neighborhood, which was one of our major requirements. Living in a gated American community is like living in St. Louis or Baton Rouge – it could be anywhere USA. Not for us.
We rented 2 cars this week from Cowboy Dave. Both Rav4s but a little older than what we want. So he will search for a newer Rav4 which we will buy in June.
The phone was easy. Make sure your phone is unlocked when you get here, buy a new sim card (with your new phone number) and some minutes. You are up and running.
Now it’s nearly time to return to Florida. But it means moving to a condo for 66 days and then returning home to Boquete.


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Cindy, do you know if Ruth (landlady) still rents the house you mention here or others? We’ve decided Boquete is the right place for us to retire and plan to rent when we come back in the fall. Thanks, Mariah

  2. I believe the only unit she has is a very small one bedroom loft. She wants $250 plus utilities. How long will you be staying in the fall? That’s a tough time to try to get a rental but we can keep our eyes open, just let me know what you’re looking for

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