Push or Pull?

I just read a blog about whether Americans are moving to Panama, or other places, because they feel pushed out of the US or pulled by other factors. David and I talked about this.
There are many expats here that feel that they have been pushed out of the US, mostly because of the Obama election. I do not know why that is true since most of the reasons they give – taking money from our bank accounts, becoming a police state, changing the Constitution, etc – just isn’t true. If you ask them for a specific thing that happened to them, they will talk about the conspiracy on 911 or taking of guns but nothing actually accurate. Most Americans want tighter gun laws but the anti-Obama media just ignores that fact and continues to talk about our lack of freedoms.
Others cite the high cost of living in the US, which is true – but other countries are much worse. The major consideration is health care which is incredibly high, even for basic medical needs. However for most professionals, we have health insurance, pensions, own our homes/cars, and our expenses are lower than the younger generation who don’t have any of those things. Although many expats say they are pushed out of the US because of the ‘harsh’ government, loss of freedoms, etc., it seems that more of them are here because of economics.
Others come to Panama looking to change their life. They want to go from couch potato to hiker or introvert to party animal or alcoholic to sober – but they fail to realize that they are just bringing themselves and their problems with them. They are the ones that need to change from within and a new environment will not do that for them.
We are not the expats that are fleeing the US. We are relocating, maybe permanently, to Panama for the adventure and experience.

For us, Boquete was a pull, one that has pulling at us since our first visit 2 years ago. Life is more difficult but simple. People say hello on the street and offer to help. Learning Spanish makes things much easier. Don’t expect so much. This is not the US and there isn’t a Home Depot or Publix on every corner. Opening a bank account can take weeks. Getting a driver’s license means a trip to Panama. But, you can sit on your patio and watch the rainbows and hummingbirds. You can hike in the rainforest, go to the nearest swimming hole, dive the Caribbean or the Pacific, join with others to help children, animals or the elderly. You can be as busy or lazy as you want. You can have a very active social life or live fairly isolated.
The climate is as perfect as you can get. Breezy and rainy but cool. And the best part, if you don’t like the weather where you are, move a few miles and it’s completely different.


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