Spoiled Cats vs the Crates

The most worrisome part of our move is moving my baby – a 19 lb. 13 year old cat named Alexander. He’s terribly spoiled and does not travel well. A trip to the vet only 5 minutes away, is filled with unhappy whining and constant, loud meowing. Henry is younger and thinner but does not like new people. We plan for both to ride with us on American Airlines from Miami to Panama City. I already feel sorry for our cabin-mates.
A major problem is that to ride in the cabin of the plan, a pet AND its carrier may not weight more than 20 lbs. With a 19.05 lb cat, someone needs to go on a diet. So poor Alex has been suffering through Weight Control food for the last several weeks. We found the lightest carrier made, 1.4 lbs, but that still puts him about 1/2 lb overweight. So the diet continues. One half pound doesnt seem like much, but to Alex, it means punishment. As soon as we arrive in PTY, he will get a feast as a reward.
We have already made arrangements for a driver to take our multiple bags, 2 cats and us to a pet friendly hotel. From there we will rent a car and drive to Boquete. Long drive but better than putting them in cargo on Air Panama.
Jose at Golden Frog will arrange our passage through customs. The required forms are making me crazy.
First, we get our cats to our vet for their updated rabies shot and the International Health Form completed. Then, the form goes to the Panamanian Consulate and USDA for the correct apostille stamps. We are lucky that these two are close together and only about 40 miles away.
Then we will make hotel reservations near MIA to spend the night before our flight. Jose should meet us at PTY so we can get through the airport quickly.


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