Last night at home before the Jetson’s apartment

Last night in our house. The beige box we bought almost 10 years ago, dissected and rebuilt into the cozy home it is today. Every tile, wall, window, lighting fixture, molding, and window treatment was chosen and installed by us, It Is nice to know that the new owners want everything in the house we built including much of the furniture.
Leaving our house is bitter sweet – I will miss what we built but so looking forward to the building we will do in the years to come,

We signed the closing papers yesterday and the new buyers will do it next week. This weekend we will move what’s left of our pathetic excuse for household goods to the new condo. This condo is better than the extended stay hotel that was the alternative. It has a separate bedroom and more square feet so it seems to be preferable to the extended stay. We got the place on a site, that has places around the world for various lengths of time. No one wants a 2 month lease but this place would take it. It sounds better than it probably is but it’s a 66 night lease – how bad can it be?
. Our new “home”, I refer to as the “Jetson’s home” because of its bizarre furnishings. Definitely posting picture later.
It will be a 2 day move. Clothing, bags backed for our June move, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous up to the 3rd floor condo. The last pieces of furniture go into storage. Last minute cleaning for the new owners and we are officially homeless – and another giant step closer to Panama!


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