Moving SUCKS

So here we are in the Jetson’s house. This is my take on this condo – In the 1970s a newly retired couple bought this little 1 bedroom condo on the golf course. They decided to hire a blind decorator who thought that orange, hot pink, purple and gold were perfect for this small room. Using the ugliest chair ever made as a focal point, valances, rugs and wall hangings were added.

Notice the purple ball WTF?

So then, when the couple was about 90, they died and their great grandson got this place. Living in New York, he cleared out their clothes( but little else), and began renting it. So far we have cleared away a box of old people stuff. Creepy. But it’s clean – just not cared for.
What do you look at first – the fan with 2 blades or the mirrored “art”? I just keep remembering that we are actually very lucky to have found this place and not an extended stay hotel.
Other than the décor, the place is OK. The cats, Alex and Henry, are far from pleased. Alex is under the bed and Henry is behind the toilet. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for them. 66 nights and counting.


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