Apartment Living

David and I lived in an apartment for 1 year almost 20 years ago. It was a large apartment full of our own stuff. We spent one year in Phoenix, AZ. Although we didn’t like Arizona well enough to stay, our apartment was comfortable and had numerous amenities. Before that, I had not lived in an apartment since I was a young adult. It is very different from living in a single family home. Positives – no outside maintenance. That’s about it from my perspective. Negative is – no outside maintenance. I love working in the yard and it’s something to do besides sitting in the living room. People like the fact that there is a pool – but you share it with 25 yelling kids so I’ll take a pass on the pool.
You have neighbors on the other side of most of your walls and, in our case, below us. They are quiet but we are always aware of any noise we make, including walking hard. This is a short term rental so upgrades that should be made, have not. The original kitchen, bathtub, sinks from about 1980. We found this place on airbnb.com. There’s not much oversight on their part since this place is on the 3rd floor with no elevator. Not elderly or handicapped friendly but no notice of that on their site.
Decorations done by some past resident are still there. It makes you wonder why they thought dots were a good idea.
We also have an “inspirational saying” on the bedroom wall.
The owner is an orthodox Jew so there are lots and lots and lots and lots of Jewish symbols and items. My fav is the menorah. If it had candles we could celebrate Hanukkah every day. Where’s the noodle kugel? Where’s my 8 nights of presents?

The most unusual owner item left for all guests (to use?) is the sitz bath in the linen closet. I am allowing you to visualize the bath rather than posting a picture. Nothing of mine will ever go in that closet.

The owner advertised this place as Coral Springs Luxurious Apartment. First, it’s not in Coral Springs. Second, it is definitely NOT luxurious. But it’s home for another 57 days.
There is no outside space except the landing outside the front door in this apartment. Many residents have pets so there’s lots of people always walking their dogs. Garbage goes to a large compactor. Some people live further away from the compactor so put their garbage on the hood of their car. We saw someone who hung it from their outside mirror and then forgot to stop at the dumpster and was out on the main road with their garbage still attached to their car.

We don’t have the inclination to make friends here. Good thing since we haven’t seen anyone who seems to want to do that either.
So after 10 days of apartment living I realize that I am a single family home where I can decorate and modernize with our own stuff kind of person. Every night here is a night closer to Boquete.


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