RETIRED! almost

Today David and I signed all the papers necessary for us to leave SBBC as of June 8, 2013. It’s a lot of paperwork but less than most people have because we are not continuing their health insurance. There’s still a bunch of decisions on what to do with other funds tied to our job, but that will come later this summer. Our first checks will arrive at the end of July.

The County is losing a lot of teachers this year. There are 2 women who take care of retirees paperwork. They said that the lull they normally get in the fall didn’t happen this year. They have appointment all summer for teachers who want to leave in June. Our consultant told us that 500 teachers have already filled out paperwork and the heavy months are still ahead. Anyone who can get out, is getting out. I am so happy that we can do this now instead of waiting until we are 65.
Our new financial assistant is my daughter, Kelly. Our mail is already being delivered to her Tampa address. She has our signature stamps and she will eventually have deposit slips and other forms to keep us financially solvent.
It’s 8 more days until my honors students take their End of Course exam. We have no idea what to expect since the State just keeps throwing more and more testing at us. On May 15 my AP students take their exam and then I am done with my curriculum. The rest of the school year will be projects.
The afternoon of the EOC exams my 5th period will be enjoying lunch catered by Olive Garden. They raised the most amount of money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Very proud of them. David had Stage 3 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 11 years ago. Because of the advancements that scientists have made, he was given a trial drug that put him into remission. He’s now considered “cured”. So this society is very important to us.


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