Alexander, the dieting cat

IMG_0063We booked our flight on American Airlines for our move to Panama on June 12. In order for our spoiled cats to ride in the cabin with us, they have to weigh 20 lbs or less including their container.
My baby, Alexander, weighed 23 lbs at one time. Last December he was down to 19.05 lbs. The additional weight of the container puts him well above the maximum set by American, so he was forced to diet. Not an easy feat for a spoiled, overweight cat.
After the first month, we took him for a weigh-in – and he lost nothing. So we bought a boa type toy to get him to exercise. He was given “weight control” food. We blended it into a smooth puree twice a day and he ate it, but he was not pleased. Especially since Henry, his young and thin brother, was still on ‘real’ food. And the diet continued.
He got weighted again last month and we saw some improvement. With the container (minus the platform that provides support for the container) he was still .4 lbs. over the magic 20. The diet continued.

This month we moved which was traumatic. You would have thought we moved them to Siberia. No eating, no drinking, no using litter boxes and then, finally, they gave up and ate, drank and pooped. We only moved 15 minutes away from the old house. But it evidently jump-started weight loss!
Today we noticed that Alexander jumped up on the bathroom vanity counter, which he has not done in – forever. He did it twice. Of course his motivation was that that’s where we feed Henry the ‘real’ food. Today we took him down for another weigh-in.
WITH the container (minus the platform that provides support for the container) he broke the 20 lbs. mark! We weighed him at PetsMart since it’s a lot closer than our vet. I hope their scale is accurate.
This is a big day for our big boy. Now we have to work on his constant meowing inside the container like he’s being tortured. Warning: don’t book the morning flight to PTY unless you have the patience to listen to 3 hours of meowing. And our move to Panama is that much closer.
35 student contact days and 56 real days until we move!


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