All set and ready to……wait

Today I made the last reservation that will get us from Coral Springs Margate, Florida to Boquete. We will spend the night at the hotel at the Miami Airport (which takes cats). It’s located on Concourse E and we are leaving from Concourse D. How’s that for convenient? We also know that our airline lets us check in more than once. We can check in first with our luggage and then return to our hotel room and check in again with our cats.
Then the 3 hour flight to Panama City with the cats under the seats. We have made arrangements with Jose from Golden Frog to get us through customs and Gabriel to get us, the cats, and the bunches of luggage to our B&B for the night.
On June 13 we will pick up our rental car to drive to Boquete. We debated the several ways to get to Boquete after we realized that the David airport would not be open for us to fly direct from Miami. I couldn’t see putting my cats in cargo on Air Panama. They have a nervous breakdown just getting to the vet. Ditto for putting them in cargo on the 7 hour bus to David. We could hire a driver but I want the flexibility of being able to stop when we want. We’ve driven across Panama before. It’s not a bad drive but boring but not any more boring than I-95. Our rental car is booked and we will drive right up to our house. All this, according to my new app, Dreamdates, in 55 days. We even left a bottle of Abuelo on the counter waiting for us.


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