Shedding My Clothing

I have too many clothes. I gave some to Goodwill when we moved from the house and even more in our garage sales, but most I put in box after box thinking that one day before our flight I will go through them. Here we are in our little apartment still looking at these boxes and wondering what I really need. For 30 years I dressed in nice clothes and heels. Those days will be over in 31 student contact days and those clothes will also be donated to Goodwill. And I still have too many clothes. So today I went shopping for more.

These are different though. This shopping was for retirement life where I never want to see another pair of heels. One of my new things is a skort. I would have preferred just a short, casual skirt, but a skort was what I got. A skirt with shorts underneath. Why? I was taught how to bend and sit without exposing my nether regions. But I will wear a skort, probably frequently, after I retire. I may even wear it to work when I get closer to leaving for good.

Anyway, I also got some very casual stuff to replace the dressy stuff I will be donating. And I still have way too many clothes to take to Panama. I have t-shirts from almost every place we have ever vacationed, dived, or climbed. I have boxes of clothes, bags of clothes, a walk in closet packed with clothes, a night stand full of clothes and a suitcase filled with clothes. Something has to give.

Today I began the task of organizing and deciding what to keep. The result: The Goodwill pile is larger by 5 t-shirts, 1 sweater and 2 blouses. Not good results since that really amounts to nothing.

The job continues….. but some other day


6 thoughts on “Shedding My Clothing

  1. I do like my skorts because in the heat, the thighs don’t rub! And they are dressier than shorts. We just sold couch and loveseat today (sitting in basement since we bought new set few years ago). Purge and sell is our new motto 🙂 (By the way, our daughter just signed teaching contract for Fairfax County, VA–yippee she has a job! This is a little south of DC area and a huge county to be a part of).

  2. Oh my gosh! You will never believe what I did today! I went shopping for clothes! Yep! You and I are eerily on the exact same parallel path. I have so many clothes that I know I wont need in Panama. So off I went to Nortdstoms to pick up some more casual, clothes. It’s kinda hard to know exactly what to get because although its a bit cooler up in Boquete, I know if we travel anywhere else in Panama it will be hot! So Its a dilemma, and dont even get me started on what to get rid of !! Geesh! I feel your pain my friend!

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