Trouble @ the Jetson’s House

floodOne thing you can depend on during the spring in Florida is rain. Drizzling rain, big drop rain, blowing rain, all day rain, all types of rain. We had a very bad rain the other day that blew in every direction. I thought there was hail but it was just the size of the drops smacking against the windows so hard it sounded like ice. David and I both had places to go and left the apartment for a few hours. I returned first to see a good size puddle on the bedroom carpet. Having pets, you know what my first thought was. They’ve never done that before, and quickly I determined they did not do that now either. It was water. No water around the window or on the sill. As I was looking for the source of the leak though, I found more and more wet spots.

This is one of those times that I was very pleased that this was not my property so not my problem. One phone call to the property manager and an email to the owner and within seconds, they owned the problem.
It appears that it is actually a condo problem. It seems like the rain blew in around some place in the roof, down the wall and puddled under the padding in a fairly large area in the bedroom.
Workers are there today to clean up the mess. A huge positive about renting is that when I get home today, the problem should be solved. yippeee to renting!


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