Gump and the End of School

Yesterday my Honors students took their EOC, End of Course Exam. It’s another mandatory test which makes testing/publishing companies a lot of money but has no bearing on what my kids learned. So five full weeks before the actual ‘end of course’, they took their End of Course exam. Because the end of course exam covered history through Obama, we are done with our curriculum – 5 weeks before school ends. Now we babysit. If parents knew that schools shut down after all this mandatory testing, they would be horrified.

Today the American History teachers showed Forrest Gump. It’s traditional and for the first time, kids ‘get’ the movie. It’s fun to watch them when all of a sudden, they go “Ooooh” and you know that a point in the movie made sense for the first time. After Forrest Gump, we will go to more entertainment loosly based on American History – for 5 more weeks.

With the extremely short time we have to prepare for the EOC, we have been busy every day since August. Never a down minute. No time for movies – just instruct, test, remediate, begin again. With 150 days of excellent instruction, any one of those days would have been perfect for an administrator to do an observation. So when did I get my observation? Today! Did my administrator see my plans, my questioning techniques, my problem-solving lessons, my ability to control a class, or any other skill? No, she watched me watch my students watch a movie. No Marzano points for me.

If I were returning next year, I would be upset. Thankfully, I only have 26 more days and none of those days will be spent being upset.
smile I’m too busy smiling.


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