Rachel Maddow and Me

I am a die hard, tree-hugging liberal and I watch MSNBC like a fanatic.  My absolute favorite TV News personality (Did I just write those words?  What a nerd I am) is Rachel Maddow.  Her brains astonish me.  She goes on justifiable rants and I love it.  I was totally disappointed when we got to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this past fall and, although the entire staff at MSNBC was there, I found that Rachel (yes, I call her Rachel) stayed in New York. Since we moved to the Jetson’s house, I’ve been in withdrawal.  We have rabbit ears and only Channel 4 at the Jetson’s house.   No MSNBC and no Rachel.  My Maddowless days should be coming to an end shortly through modern technology.


I found Slingbox.  Best Buy recommended it and I asked people for their opinions.  Rave reviews.  This is the way it works, as I understand it now.  Buy a Slingbox for about $300 and a WebTV converter for about $100.  Attach the slingbox to an unused cable outlet/cable box at the home of a relative or good friend in the US.  Program the smaller box and take it with you to Panama.  Once the small box is attached to your Panamanian TV, you can access the Slingbox and watch all the programming available using wifi.  You must make sure that your Slingbox is hooked up to a dedicated line since two people cannot use the same TV.  Also, you do not have to have a TV attached to the Slingbox end, just the cable box and Slingbox.  DishTV has a cable box that includes Slingbox technology.  Too me, it’s like magic.

I will have Rachel back in my life at 9 PM EST!!  Of course we will also receive local news, HBO, HGTV, and the History Channel – all in English.  My Spanish is coming along but I want US TV.  Once it is set up, I can also use it for our last 39 days at the Jetson’s, expanding our world past Channel 4.


2 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow and Me

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my slingbox! I watch it from my computer or ipad and just recently through smart tv through google tv! Best thing I ever bought and keeps me connected to tv in the states! I connect to my mother’s box (I also pay her cable) and I stay connected. How is it working out for you?

  2. It is working very well for us too. We are moving in a few weeks so we will upgrade to 7 megs to see if that will stop the periodic slowdowns. We also just signed up for Netflix and that works very well for us.

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