What a Beautiful Tan

Growing up in Florida, tan season began in March. First you got the base tan and then let it get browner for the next 7 months. This schedule repeated every year. Once I became a teen, tanning became a science. Baby oil and turn every 20 minutes, like a turkey. Laid for hours on the beach just baking. Eventually as I got older, people would ask about my “beautiful” tan. I was proud of that tan. Now, a few decades later – no so much. I have had various bouts of skin cancer for the last 20 years. I’ve been biopsied, zapped, scraped and reprimanded for those last 20 years.

Basting Turkey

With LESS THAN A MONTH 🙂 left in Florida, we have been working on the last doctor visits. Oncologist, ophthalmologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist – the list of specialists gets longer as the years get larger. Today was my last visit with Dr. Feidler, my dermatologist.

If I were not moving, it would still be my last visit with Dr. Feidler. She just opened up her own practice in Boca Raton. I always went to her in Coral Springs so this appointment meant about 20 minutes extra travel. When I got there, on time, I was told that the wait was about 45 minutes. This is not an unusual occurrence. Why is Dr. Feidler’s time more valuable than mine? But it always happens – 1 hour or more every time.

So I waited, again. Seething. But I had no choice since I needed to get rid of all my budding pre-cancers before we leave.

Sure enough, zap, zap, zap. Four spots on my face, 4 on my upper body and 1 biopsy on my cheek. And I just had the whole zapping/biopsy process just 4 months ago.

Except for the biopsy, I’m clean again for another few months. My next doctor will be a dermatologist’s in David. I’m betting I won’t be waiting time after time for a doctor who books 4 appointments at the same time at 15 minute intervals. Unfortunately I also know that my new medico will be biopsying, zapping, scraping and reprimanding me about my past love of the sun.


4 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Tan

  1. From what I have read in other blogs, the dermatologists are great in Panama! I love going to the doctor for a “covered” procedure. Then I get my EOB and NOTHING is going to be paid for! This happens to be what I will vent about in my next posting! Glad you had your final check up and got those spots taken care of–laying out in the sun with baby oil, on silver mats, no sunscreen, going to tanning booths–I have been there, done that, too, and paying for it now with too much pigmentation! Not so pretty as those tans we once had!

  2. Hello, I just found your blog (through Kris in David!). I grew up in Broward/Palm Beach also and am now in Boquete. Wow — those days of baby oil and the beach really catch up to you, don’t they?? Glad to hear you are keeping it under control, hope the rest of your move goes smoothly!

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