In just 3 weeks….

we will be in Panama City. If American Airlines is on time (doubtful) and Jose from GoldenFrog has gotten our cats through customs (probably) we will be winding our way through the streets of Panama City with our cab driver, Gabriel, and beginning our new life in Panama.


We have completed our last doctor visits. Not because we think that US doctors are so much superior than those in Panama but I don’t want doctor visits to be a priority in our first few months. Both of us are in great shape. Doctor visits – check

We took our cats to the vet for their International Medical Certificate. It’s funny that our pets have more health requirements than us. So they got their updated rabies vaccine and we can pick up their certificate on June 3, just before our Miami appointments at the Panamanian Consulate and the USDA. Cat Requirements – check

We moved what is left of our possessions to a large storage facility. Just last week, we put our bicycles in there as well. It is 10×12 and packed. Some of it will be coming with us on the relocation cruise in Nov. The rest will stay until we find something permanent. Then came the problem. We had been so lucky that everything had been so smooth, this should not have been a surprise. Our mail goes to my daughter in Tampa. She called last Saturday saying that we got a certified letter stating that our storage facility is being renovated and we have to move. That means movers, truck rental, and finding a new storage unit when hundreds of others are looking too. We found one and this weekend everything will be moved – again. Storage – check and almost re-check.

My car has not sold. CarMax told us that we should expect that since most people have terrible credit and can’t get a bank loan. So my Mini Cooper is our single mode of transportation until the first weekend in June. Then my cute little car will go to CarMax and they will find a way to get a buyer. Car sold – nearly check

Closets are getting thinned. As we wear our “work clothes”, they go directly to the charity pile, never to be seen again. David sold over 200 ties for charity. He kept a couple and gave away a few but most were sold to help our school’s food bank. Yes, we have hungry children in Coral Springs. Clothing organized – check

A week from Friday is our Goodbye Party. We can’t have it at our (sold) home and our rental condo is ridiculously small so we have made arrangements with a local restaurant. It will be fun and probably emotional. Our friends that say they are going to visit had better. Our Boquete house has plenty of room. Our official Retirement Party is June 4. My principal will have the duty of saying nice things about me (that he doesn’t mean) but everyone from school will be there so it will be fun too. Farewells arranged – check

Hotel, car rentals, tickets, B&B – check, check, check, check

Ready to begin – Big Fat CHECK!


3 thoughts on “In just 3 weeks….

  1. Oh Boy! you are sooo close! The storage snafooo sounds like it worked itself out pretty well, thankfully! I love your checklist! We unfortunately had gotten bad info about the precise government offices we need to deal with for the cat requirements, Scott was told that the State department would Apostile the document but nooooo as you know, it needs to go to the Panamanian Consulate! So just yesterday he fed exed the money orders and the rest of the required forms and our fingers are crossed that we get it back by friday! You must have a Panamanian consulate local? We only have one in L.A. so let’s see how this goes!

  2. Both the consulate and the USDA are near the Miami Airport. It’s only an hour or so away. If everything goes perfect (yes, I know that the consulate is still Panama), we will still have to make 3 trips. Tomorrow our fingerprints and other paperwork go to the Consulate. On June 3, pet paperwork to USDA and then the consulate (where we will pick up our fingerprints) Then back to Miami to pick up our pet stuff on June 7 or 8th. Fax it to Panama and Jose. The 10 days doesn’t give you a lot of wiggle room.

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