Problems with Storing Stuff

psA few months ago we rented a storage facility in Pompano. It was large enough for our stuff and, more importantly, close to I-95 when we need to load the container bound for Colon, Panama. Two weeks ago we put in our bicycles, filling the space to the brim. The workers at the unit were friendly and helpful. At the time, they said nothing to us and there were not warnings of any impending construction. Although we have made several visits to our unit, we knew nothing was amiss until May 16.
My daughter gets our mail. On May 16, she received a letter (dated May 2) that everyone in “A” building of Public Storage would have to relocate. The letter went on to say that although contractually they only needed to give us 2 weeks notice, they gave us one month. The certified letter was dated May 2 and Kelly got it on May 16. First hint that we were being screwed – they backdated the letter.
We needed to rush to find another spot. That became a huge problem because the “A” building is huge and hundred of people were looking for space. We finally found an available spot, a truck and some strong backs. It took hours to move. For all of this hassle and expense, Public Storage “gave” us one month free rent. It was hardly free. Since the only units available were smaller than our original unit, we had to rent 2 spaces. Add in the other costs, they would have to give us about 6 months free to just break even. That doesn’t even take into account the frustration they caused.
I haven’t written my letter to the CEO of Public Storage yet. I expect nothing from him and that probably what I will get. I will post their response when I get it.
We were one of the lucky tenants of Public Storage. At least we were in town to take care of this mess. About 25% of the units were still full when we left. If we had already moved to Panama, it would have been a huge problem. One man said that he never got a letter, but his sister also rents a spot there and she called him when she got hers. One guy came back from New York to find that he wasn’t being moved and his trip back to Florida was entirely unnecessary. This place messed up badly.
On a positive note, we got to reorganize. The stuff going with us in November is in a separate storage unit. Since we have a rental home now, we got the opportunity to get things we decided we wanted and put things away that we won’t need yet.
But, in all the moving and reorganizing, we still didn’t find our PlayStation.


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