MiniDriver No More


My car is sold. Not happy as it is the only possession I hate to get rid of. We will deliver my cute car on Saturday and pick up our rental car. The rental is a little larger – it has to be bigger than a Mini – so it will be easier to deliver stuff, weigh our bags at Publix (must be under 50 lbs) and take our last few bits to the storage unit.

13 days to go and everything is still on schedule.


2 thoughts on “MiniDriver No More

  1. Aww, bye bye car. I remember how I felt when the new owner drove off in my beloved Prius. Now though I’m in a different place and a different life and I’m fine without it. You will be in a different place too very soon!

  2. I guess I was lucky, my mom bought my almost new car from me for a smokin’ deal and so I got to drive it up until we left. 🙂 I sometimes miss my little Versa but she’s taking such good care of it that I’ll probably end up inheriting it in 10 or 15 years. Part of the change is letting go of the “stuff”. It’s another thing to check off your list!

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