Good Byes at Salt Life

Last night we celebrated our retirement with friends, some I’ve known for 30+ years. It was a walk through time. I met Irene and Bonnie when I first began teaching. Although we eventually went to different schools, we always stayed in touch. Bonnie retired several years ago and Irene shouldn’t be too far behind me. Iker and Christa were from my school years in the ghetto. Probably the closest people I ever worked with. The kids were tough and the teachers stuck together like glue. We had almost weekly happy hours and most of the teachers came every week to share war stories. It was here that I taught Rich Foss’s son almost 20 years ago. Many of my teacher friends that came I met at my current school. Some of them are returning to teaching next year (and I am so sorry about that) and others have already retired. Tina and Barbara were easy to spot the retired from their relaxed faces and large smiles. Larry came down from Cocoa Beach. One of the larger smiles was on Peggy’s face. Peggy is retiring with me next Friday. And then there’s Gertzman, my favorite Nole.

Then there are our ‘political’ friends. Al, Karen, Alan, Barry, Robin and Diane have been such instrumental parts of our political lives. We’ve walked, knocked on doors, sweated and planned together how to win elections. We went to the Democratic National Convention with Percy and Diane. I will really miss Percy. It’s been a great ride working with these awesome Broward Democrats. Roy, our former and FUTURE mayor came to say goodbye. Sharon just published a nice story about us. She’s always great fun and knows what’s happening in our town.

Our family members were there. My mom, Irene (our adopted mom), Steve, Charlene, Erin and Thomas. These are the people who are obviously the least happy about our move. But we are only 2 1/2 hours away.

We will miss everyone terribly, especially the ones who are not on the internet. They’ve been invited to visit us in Panama. We hope they will.

I took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, the cable to download those pictures must be at our house in Panama already with stuff we brought in March. I will publish them eventually but I don’t need them to remember my friends and family.


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