Officially Retired!

At 2:40 PM this afternoon, I am no longer an employed teacher. First time I just don’t have the “summer off” in 31 years. I am glad that I have the financial freedom to leave without having to rely on five more years of DROP. I am also old. This is also the first time that being old is an asset. So, I did my 30+ years and will fade into the Boquete sunset
We had a little happy hour instead of the “official” end of the year luncheon. Another group of people for good byes and hugs.

At 2:40 my phone alarm sounded and we knew we were now in Chapter 3 of our lives. What comes next? Moving to Boquete. We will arrive late afternoon next Thursday. Friday schedule: Return the rental car in David, pick up our Nissan, grocery shop and get turned on our internet before noon; the Poker Run to benefit the Amigos de Animales group is at 1. Happy Hour with the Halberts at 5. Retirement, WE ARE READY FOR YOU!

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3 thoughts on “Officially Retired!

  1. Wow, less than a week! We were in Boquete yesterday and it’s so beautiful with flowers everywhere and clouds covering the tops of the mountains. We’re in David but if you need anything, give me a holler – a ride, WiFi, shopping, or a friend in town. I’ll email you contact info.

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