Retirement Day 1

The electric alarm was silent on our first retirement morning. The feline alarms, however, were as energetic as ever at 5 AM. They get fed, they get the blinds up so they can sit on the window sill, they get fresh water. None of those activities are the reasons behind their constant meowing, pawing at our faces, or jumping across us in bed. Their reason for being obnoxious is that they just want to get us up – so they can go back to sleep.

Today is not a relaxing first day of retirement though. Today we begin cleaning out the rental condo and packing/weighing the bags. But it’s not as simple as packing and weighing. It’s packing, weighing, reshuffling, putting excess in the November boxes, and repeat process over and over. The problem: We can send 4 bags on American Airlines but each must weight under 50 lbs.

Tonight we went to my sister’s house to say goodbye to the family. No one (except us) is truly happy about our move. They will come to visit and then they will understand the attraction of Boquete.


We only have one bag left to fill but we have probably 150 lbs of stuff that we ‘can’t’ live without until November. Tomorrow we will make the hard choices. But if you see me wearing the same black flip-flops for 5 straight months, blame David for not giving up more space to me and those awesome flats that had to go into storage.


4 thoughts on “Retirement Day 1

  1. Oh my Gosh, Cindy! Oh how I can relate to the ,”no one but us is truly happy about us leaving”,You hit it on the head! That had to be the hardest part! Even though everyone says they are happy for us they are still sad, Sigh. Your right, we have to hope that they will come out here to see how beautiful it is and how happy we are. Cheers! See you soon!

    • We got a lot of “Good for you, we could never do that, how brave!”

      Don’t fret about the shoes, there’s lots in la tiendas here! 🙂

  2. Yes, shopping in David is excellent, so if you can’t find it in Boquete you will find it here.
    I have been wearing the same black flip flops for 8 months 😀
    I used to look at my elderly patients in wheelchairs and think – that will be me someday. I don’t want to be full of regrets about the things I could have done but didn’t. You have to live your own life and others are responsible for their own feelings. I know, easy for me to say when you are the one saying goodbyes, but it will all work out.
    OK, I admit – I have two black flip flops, but one is dirty from the yard so I only wear the clean ones to town.

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