The condo is cleared of our stuff. We are living out of 2 suitcases. Yesterday, we were both nervous about the amount of stuff we still had and the lack of space/weight available. That’s now decided, packed and done.
Now we have nothing to do. Even the cats are packed and ready.
We are using the last of our gift cards to eat. Students have given us cards for Dunkin Donuts (used only for coffee – hate donuts), Panera, Carraba’s, Starbucks and Outback. Since the refrigerator is bare, these cards are coming in handy. We also needed to get rid of a lot of coins that the bank won’t take unrolled. So the poor Panera lady got over $10 in quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Eighty-one cents left.
All of this focus on insignificant details means that we are done here and just waiting for our flight Wednesday morning.
Things to do tomorrow: bank to get money and make sure they allow us to use our debit card in Panama. Last year, even thought we informed them, we had to make several phone calls to Wells Fargo. We will cancel our phone service on the tarmac on Wednesday. Last load of laundry. Again, just details. We are ready to go.
Tonight we went out at a typical US restaurant – Bonefish. One thing we realized after spending last summer in Boquete – we didn’t crave any particular restaurant from Florida. I am really looking forward to healthier meals that aren’t smothered in butter in just three more nights 🙂



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