Do Nothing Day

Pedicure, leisurely lunch, dinner with mom, sign financial forms, clearance from our property manager to leave the condo. Not much exciting. Last night at the Jetson’s house and tomorrow the rental car gets returned, 4 50 lb bags, 2 suitcases, 2 cats and their worried parents move to the Miami International Hotel. At least we are moving southward, I guess that’s progress.

Pedicured feet picture removed on the basis of good taste.


2 thoughts on “Do Nothing Day

  1. My daughter is moving with 3 cats on Wednesday (Austin -> Seattle). I met Holly today (we finally caught up with each other!) I’m sure you’ve talked with her about moving with cats too. She said it’s one stressful day, and then everything is OK after that. She heard that lavender oil, a dab on the ears can help calm a cat. My daughter has some sort of collars, suppose to have some pheromone that makes the cat feel they are a safe kitten with their mother. So, she’s going to try that, and a stiff drink when they get settled on the plane.
    Good luck! You’re almost here.

  2. Our cats are definitely the most stressful part of the move. It doesn’t help that Alexander is 14. We have headphones for the plane – too bad the other 150 passengers won’t. Driving across country is preferable but they hate the car too. Wednesday evening can’t come soon enough in this regard.

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