And the day begins

Our house was beautiful when we stepped inside about 17 hours ago. Now it looks like luggage just barf everywhere. Positives of this: We changed the linens and slept with our own sheets, duvet and pillows. We ground our own coffee and pressed it in our own pot this morning. We have clothes in the closets. Negative: our house looks like luggage just barfed. That will be corrected shortly.
Once we get our own internet ( and not the internet I am currently “borrowing”) and do some shopping in David, we will begin with the kitchen. The kitchen is the most important room in the house for David. So the list has begun – 4 cup measuring cup….
Mine is the bedroom. Our landlady said we can do what we want. I originally thought I’d be getting a new bedroom set but once the brown dust ruffle was removed, I think the wood frame bed will do just fine. We just need a headboard, window treatments and paint. The molas at the Tuesday market will determine color.
The cats are adjusting better than expected. Alexander is on my pillow sleeping. Henry is ‘somewhere’ but they both ate, drank and used the litter box.
All is well at Casa de Thomas


6 thoughts on “And the day begins

  1. Excellent! It sounds like you and the cats are doing very well. The luggage will get sorted out and things will get put away. Remember, you are in Panama now so there are no deadlines.
    We’re planning to come to the Tuesday market, probably in the late morning. I’ll let you know.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I just finished reading your whites blog so far. My husband and I are at the beginning stages of our planning to visit Boquete. We have a room booked, that’s it. In the meantime, I am reading everything I can about Boquete and Panama. I so appreciate your writings. We live in Pompao Beach on the intencoastal just south of Atlantic. When I read you are from here, I was elated. I am following a couple of others blogs too, so far your moving there is so recent so I am reading with a fine ” toothed comb” as they say. Can’t wait to read more.! Enjoy your new home. 🙂

      • Thank you, I appreciate that. I also read my first reply to you…so sorry for the misspelled words! Like where it says ‘whites’ it’s supposed to be ‘whole’. Intencoastal??? intercoastal! I was using my ipad, and sometimes i look back at something I wrote and cant believe it what I see, and say to myself’ ‘who did that?’ followed by some self degrading words. Anyway, your place looks beautiful. good luck and enjoy.

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