Today we unpacked everything. The 200 lbs of stuff we brought in March, the 200 lbs of stuff we just brought and 2 suitcases. That’s a lot of stuff to put in a completely furnished place. David’s kitchen is perfect – except for accessories we will get on our next trip to David.

The rest of the house was on me. I began with the laundry room because I had to do laundry and it was packed with stuff. There was a ton of cleaning supplies in there so I loaded it all in the foyer. Then I moved to the guest bath and found more cleaning supplies under the sink and on the shelves behind the door. I moved even more cleaning supplies from the linen closet and our bathroom to the foyer. The result is below. Holy crap! But this house is clean and I thank the previous tenants.
cleaning supplies

We are unpacked, lunch at Sugar n Spice and Bona Foodie for dinner. We are totally exhausted, but moved completely!


5 thoughts on “Unpacked!!

  1. Question though…did you rent this place few months ago (March) or did the owners allow you to store things ahead of time (this might have been what you wrote in another post)? And the 200 lbs of stuff was packed up in large boxes sent on the plane along with the 2 suitcases? Thanks for more info on this. House looks great!

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