Shopping, shopping, shopping

Today was the dreaded day to shop in David. Although it’s only about 45 minutes away (plus the slow detour through Delega), a lot of people from Boquete regard this needed trip like they are going to a funeral. Not a sad funeral of a dearly departed friend, but one that must be attended to be civil. Trips to David are necessary to get all the picky stuff not available locally.

Like a gas grill. To women, this is a neat apparatus that means that men are doing the cooking. To men, it is a symbol of their manhood. Like the size of their chain saw or biceps. So we went to Novey, Do It Center, and PriceMart to compare sizes and prices. Phone calls between other men were involved. After about an hour, we became the proud owners of a grill which is still in several pieces in the carport.
But we also needed spices, gardening equipment, bathroom stuff, a rice cooker, food processer – a list of stuff that took up a legal size sheet of paper and then some. But in David, all things are possible and our list is checked off. Hours in the aisles of PriceMart, Arocha, Melo, Conways, Do It Center, Reys, and when all else fails, Super Baru eventually leads to success.

With our stocked pantry, we decided to go to a fairly new place in town for dinner, George’s. Rustic is being kind describing this building. The food is fabulous. So if you’re are reading this and find yourself in Boquete, do your tastebuds a favor. I had seabass and David had Coconut Shrimp. It’s just north of Boquete Garden Inn. We ate with a couple we met on our last trip. They’ve been here for 6 years and seem to know everything. Knowledge envy to the max.


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