Day 5 updates

Today I met one of my blogging buddies. Kris and her spousal unit moved from Sarasota, right across Alligator Alley from us. BUT they have been here long enough to have an impressive command of Spanish and know the ins and outs of David. Tomorrow or soon we will are going to meet them in David for lunch, talk a bunch more than we did today, and learn the secrets of shopping for seafood.
We also got a real live phone plan. If this is as good as it seems, we get 140 roll-over minutes a month (who talks for 2+ hours when you are with your spouse 99% of the time?) a 1 gig(?) of data, which I am told is more than enough. The total for this is $20 mo. Texting is 2 cents per. Since I downloaded WhatsApp, I get free texting anyway. The process, however, took about 2 hours.
Stopped in the pouring rain for a router – success. Now working on television through Slingbox. We have computer TV but the channels haven’t made their way to the TV yet.
Tonight was our first night back to trivia at Los Molinos. Yes, we kicked some butt. Clincher question: Who played Chandler’s father on Friends. Zonga! Our team includes the fabulous Bob and Brandy who are as cut-throat as us. Love it.
Great day and they will get even better as we get settled.


One thought on “Day 5 updates

  1. We’re doing better than we were, but we still have a lot of Spanish to learn, and a lot to learn about this area. You have been doing a very impressive job of getting everything in order here is a very short time!

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