David, like a Local

Today we trucked down to David again. We had some legal things to do before our landlady leaves for the US so we used the opportunity to meet Kris and her spousal unit for lunch.
They took us on a short walk around their neighborhood where we came face to face with a poison dart frog. My Iphone did not do the colors justice, but the blue was intense.
dart frog2
After a great lunch, we went to the marina area of Pedregal. You have to know that it’s a good place since they have the official cat to greet you and buzzards in the back.

The fish is fresh and pretty inexpensive. We got to sea bass for $2.50 lb and got them filleted while we watched. And 2 lbs of shrimp just because we love shrimp.
fish market menu

Top it off with meeting Dave and Judy, watching TV and potato soup for dinner on a rainy evening, we had another great day.


5 thoughts on “David, like a Local

  1. I like your blog, but what exactly does “spousal unit” mean?? It sounds like a stainless steel kitchen appliance. Do you mean “spouse” as in husband or wife? Boyfriend or girlfriend? Don’t mean to sound naive, but I’m getting older and see a lot of strange vocabulary these days!

  2. What a fun afternoon! Did you have corvina for dinner? The fresh fish here is so good. I’m glad you could visit our neighborhood too 🙂

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