Buenos vecinos

David and I did some local errands today and then came home just to chill. One of our neighbors was playing with her foster dog, then the neighbor from the other side of the house came out and in a few minutes, the entire neighborhood was sharing drinks and snacks.
Our house is one of five which are all owned by Ruth. We have a nice green area for the dog to run, some patio chairs and great neighbors. This is the first time we just hung out and talked and laughed. Everything from the goats to plant killers. I have some very funny neighbors. They’ve been extremely helpful and friendly as we have run in and out getting our house together. It was great to get to spend some time with them. We made a great choice in renting here.

Also, news to report. 1. We found paint chips! Sherwin Williams in David. With the fabric, foam, batting, paint and molas, we will soon have a real bedroom.
2. Our paperwork for pensionado is almost complete including the required passport pictures – taken after shopping in David all morning. pretty. And the local medical facility has deemed us physically and mentally qualified to become a member of their country with our $3-we-don’t-actually-have-to-examine-you health certificate.

paint swatch

living in Panama


7 thoughts on “Buenos vecinos

  1. Morocco’s physical exams are the same sort – but ours cost 100 dirhams (12.50 US) and they do ask you: ” Are you healthy?” Of COURSE you are going to say no, right??

  2. Hi! I found your blog when searching brands of paint sold in David! Love it! Was wondering if you could help advise… We are moving to Panama the first week of August, but would like to have the house painted in the two weeks before we get there. Do you think it’s possible to look at Sherwin Williams swatches here, in the U.S., relay that information to our painter, and expect it can happen down there without me having to fly down just to pick paint colors? Thanks for any guidance!! 🙂

    • I am thinking ‘not quite’. It will probably be a shade off. Make sure your painter actually uses Sherwin Williams paint. If it is SW color mixed with another type of paint, it could be waaaay off. We just painted our community theater. Beautiful shades of SW paint were picked out. What was supposed to be a deep maroon turned out to be a pumpkin orange because they used SW swatches and Lanco ($9.90 a gallon) But we painted our bedroom with SW, one coat and we were done. The paint matched the swatches here. If you want, I can send you a picture of a paint swatch from SW here and see if the numbers match

      • Oh, thank you so much for the great tip! I will definitely make sure it’s SW all the way! If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love a pic of a swatch, just when you get a chance!! This may save me a trip down! Thank you!!

      • I talked to the woman at SW today and she said that US and Panama colors should be exact. The swatches are in English and they use the same mixing tools. Here’s a picture of one of the swatches. I am sure they will match the ones near you. I have to post it on the original blog site.

      • I will get one in the next couple of days. I have almost all the SW swatches but lent them to a friend doing a remodel. Just at their house for dinner but didn’t know. soon

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