The Bloggers Meet

bloggerToday three bloggers met for lunch. We had all met each other independently, but this was our first time – with spouses – together. We are (L-R) Holly, Cindy and Kris.

Kris came to Panama first, about 9 months ago and settled in David. She began her trip from Sarasota, not too far from my hometown of Coral Springs in Florida. She was my role model – sell almost everything and go. I am very envious because of her great Spanish which she says is “not that good”. To a newly arrived gringo, she is fluent. She can put nouns and verbs together and the Panamanians usually understand her. When I try, the Panamanians try to find someone who speaks English. I sound so good in my head but it’s not translating well here.

Holly was moving at almost the exact same time as us so we were doing so many identical things at the same time – sometimes on the same day – it was eerie. Holly ended up moving two weeks before us but we both brought our two cats. She came from the other side of the US, from California.

We left our happy American homes with American amenities behind along with American stress and American road rage. Most of our friends and family don’t get it. But as we sat outside on the patio having lunch watching the monkeys and parrots, we knew we are where we are suppose to be.

living in Panama


8 thoughts on “The Bloggers Meet

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  3. Now I have 3 more friends in Panama, my question is —- do Edna and I have to buy your lunch when we get a chance to meet in September ?/ Maybe Dutch Treat, no reflection on the Dutch of course ! I can get more different view points—- not that Kris no keeping us informed ! Hello to all the new blogers ,R&E Smiley

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