Time to feed the Monkeys

La Jungla
La Jungla is a small preserve for animals who have been injured or cannot fend for themselves in the wild for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because people have tried to keep wild animals as pets and they give them up when they realize that wild pets are, well, wild. The have monkeys, parrots, chickens, a rabbit, goats and more.

For the last year or so, a few residents of Boquete have chosen a day to feed these animals. Sometimes they seem quite hungry so it is a needed task. My day is Friday!

On Thursday David and I go to the Mercado and pick out fruits and vegetables. We also save our chicken bones since the monkeys love them. On Friday we cut the stuff up into more manageable pieces. La Jungla is only about 5 minutes from our house, directly up the mountain to Palmira.

ParrotsToday is Friday! The animals were not terribly hungry (always a good sign) but those monkeys never turn down chicken. Daisy is somewhat aggressive and always lets you know what she likes. She will also throw things she doesn’t want on the ground like she was given used kitty litter. She loves bananas and chicken.

Because I am a klutz, the coatimundi and one of the monkeys got out of their cage into the inner room. The monkey, Julio, got the bag of sunflower seeds and made a pig of himself. He sat on my shoulder while the coatimundi ate hard boiled eggs and fruit. The other capuchin went only after the chicken.

We gave seeds, grain and fruit to the parrots, ducks and chickens. As usual, the goats got everything left over since they eat just about anything.


There’s a box asking for monetary donations to feed the animals but many people admire the animals and leave. I wish they would just leave bag of feed or a few ears of corn. They would know their donations are going directly to feed these animals.

living in Panama


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