Eating out in Boquete

Much has been said about the variety and quality of restaurants here in Boquete. We eat out often so I will give you my opinion of many local restaurants. I cannot/will not give a bad review. Also, I do not eat beef or pork so you may find my reviews lacking in that regard. This list is only a sample of the dining options in Boquete.

Breakfast: I have a few favorites – Olga’s and El Alto are Panamanian. Olga’s is actually called Punta del Encuentra and is located behind Todo a Dolar. The menu is on a white board at the entrance. She serves pancakes and waffles, unusual for most restaurants here.
El AltoEl Alto is up past San Francisco next to Curvas Bonitas. They don’t speak any English but a short menu is posted. It’s definitely patronized by locals. The hojaldres are super. They serve lunch and dinner and are known for rotisserie chicken. We frequently find ourselves at Sugar and Spice. There’s a reason it takes tripadvisors’ No. 1 favorite spot. It is delicious and friendly. It is also open for lunch and has wonderful desserts, soup and sandwiches. Most newcomers go to Central Park and is a great place to people-watch. restaurant 2

Cafeteria style at  El Sobroson

Cafeteria style at
El Sobroson

For an authentic Panamanian experience, go to El Sobroson. There are two in town and are both cafeteria style. El Sobroson is so popular, there’s another branch at the Chiriquí Mall in David. The original is on the north side on Main Street and No. 3 is across from Central Park. Don’t be intimidated. Just point to what you want and enjoy. They are also open through dinner.

By lunch, everything is open. Baru is across from the park and has familiar, but tasty food. Nelvis and Las Orquideas are Panamanian and only open for lunch. Nelvis is behind Los Establos. There’s a white board menu in Spanish and English. You can’t beat their chicken dinner with two sides for $3.50. Las Orquideas is south of the park and has more variety, usually a chicken, pork and beef choice, always served with a smile. Big Daddy’s is right on Main Street and open for lunch and dinner. Their fish is right off the boat and served in a variety of tasty ways. They also have excellent margaritas to wash down a fish taco. You can sit on their patio overlooking the street or in the back under the trees. Mango’s is the newest restaurant in Boquete, opening just this week. It serves smoothies, salads, soup and pizza. It’s gotten nothing but positive comments from food and service to atmosphere. It is also open for breakfast and will soon add dinner hours.

For dinner, you can have everything from white linens to paper napkins. El Pianista is at the top of the Alto Lino loop. It’s charming located on a rushing stream and serves very good Italian. There’s a standard menu and daily specials.

George's FiresideA newcomer in Boquete is George’s Fireside, near the Boquete Garden Inn. It is very rustic and George continues to improve the building. His seafood is among the best in town. We had the stuffed sea bass and the coconut shrimp and both were fantastic. El Oasis, Panamonte and The Rock are popular for upscale dining. It’s romantic sitting by the fire at Panamonte’s with a drink on a cool night. The Fish House is across the street from Sugar and Spice and you can always depend on a great meal and good service in a cozy atmosphere. Around the corner is Mike’s Global Grill who has an eclectic menu and lots of live music. Further down the road is Amigo’s, a favorite hangout for locals. Macchu Pichu and Casona del Cuzco are Peruvian. Pisco sours at both are killer. La Posada is a large restaurant to handle the large crowds that come for their Argentinian grill and good pizza. Signs advertising special events are printed on banners seen as you come down the hill into town. Rico’s Pizza has moved to the San Francisco Plaza. They have tasty calzones and are now open for breakfast. An unusual tip, call Rico’s and they will have your takeout ready and deliver it to your car. Antojito’s Mexican serves good food in her carport on Main Street near Todo a Dolar. Go for the chimichangas or flautas. The Art Cafe serves crepes, both entrees and decadent desserts.

Dessert: Boquete just got it’s own gelato parlor. Turn at Boquete Bistro and it’s next to the tattoo parlor. Several of my new pounds can be directly attributed to frequent visits here. Sugar and Spice is open all day and has a fantastic variety of cakes, pies, muffins and cookies. Have a cup of coffee and watch the city go by as you enjoy these treats on their patio. La Cieba is between the park and the bridge and will definitely soothe a sweet tooth.

Again, this isn’t even close to the number of places to eat and drink. But we plan to sample them all until the waistline 1

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3 thoughts on “Eating out in Boquete

  1. We are coming there in March, do you think 10 days is enough time to get to all these places? My husband and I are so looking forward to our first trip there, and your posts make us more excited about it. Thank you! Maureen 😀

  2. Well we certainly are taking in all the info for when when we do arrive. Our room is booked. And the list of restaurants has been started. I enjoy your posts. Keep ’em comin! 😄

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