Vacation Numero Uno

We have been permanently in Boquete for about six weeks so it was time to see some of Panama. We went to Las Lajas for three days. Las Lajas is east of David and only about 2 hours away. The town is a little more upscale than most small Panamanian towns. They have the cutest bus stops I’ve ever seen decorated with fish and mermaids. A few miles down the road from town is the beach. We stayed at the Las Lajas Beach Resort.

SecasThe plan was to spend most of the second day on a dive boat, diving off Islas Secas. But that was not to be as the boat captain called in sick. We could see the island that we could not dive. Those islands in the distance were our destination. So close and so far.

So our dive vacation turned out to be less than exciting. But we relaxed, read, ate and drank. The resort was fairly full since it was not a weekend. Not surprising it is very popular among the Chiriquians. Hopefully our next vacation goes more according to plan.

living in Panama


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