Good Health without Pharmacuticals

People talk about how their health improves when they move to Boquete. I’ve heard so many people say how they are off their former medications and have never felt better. A lot of if is because of relaxation, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of clear air. There’s also a lot of alternative medicine and people are more open to accepting the benefits of these treatments.
When I got to Boquete last summer, my blood pressure rose. A former nurse said that it was because my home in Florida was 15 feet above sea level and now I live at 3600 feet. Since we were leaving in only two months, I ignored it.
This year I experienced the same problem. The headache was persistent. I had to go to the VA doctor for my initial check up. She was concerned and said to keep an eye on it. I did but it remained high. acup leg

Last week I went to Mark at Isla Verde. He is an acupuncturist. After 2 treatments with his pins, my blood pressure dropped considerably. Although I did not get another treatment over the weekend, it continued to drop. After the third session, I felt calmer. Maybe it’s my imagination? acup hand Today I got pins in new locations. I nearly fell asleep on the table. I must be relaxing since how can you fall asleep with 6 pins in your legs?

The finishing treat was a hot stone massage. I am really starting to like this retirement stuff.

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