Who in the Hell is Weeb Eubanks?

It’s Tuesday and that means Trivia. Not that I am crazy or anything, but I won’t play if I can’t win. So I am just a little more than competitive when I play anything. Lucky for me, my teammates are just as competitive. Better than that, they are brilliant. So between the four of us, we usually do very well.

Tonight Trivia was at Los Molinos. There’s a large group there and usually every seat is filled with teams made up of people from all walks of life. Last week, we came in first. Of course I put a picture of us on Facebook with our winnings. I must point out – the “winnings” don’t matter The “win” is all that is important.

We sat there tonight through the first round and had gotten every question right. The questions were pretty easy so there was another team who also had a perfect score. But by the end of the second round, we were clearly in First Place, still with a perfect score.

Unfortunately, the Final Round question was ‘Football’. Our team knew the name of wrist bones, the meaning of COLA, the last Rogers and Hammerstein musical, Gen. Haig, filly, KLM, and other random pieces of information. But the question for the win was about Football. We bet enough points to beat the 2nd place team, assuming everyone got the right answer. As it turned out, only one team got the right answer and it wasn’t us.

weeb_ewbank“Who was the head coach of the NY Jets when they won the Super Bowl in 1969?” Our best guess was Bennie (and the Jets) but comedy doesn’t get you points. The one team that wrote Weeb Eubanks won. I wouldn’t have known the right answer if it were a multiple choice test.

Aaaugh, the agony of defeat.

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