Trip to the Dentist

In Florida, our health plan allowed 4 trips a year to the dentist. We chose to continue with the same maintenance program here. Last Friday, we walked into Dra. Luz’s office to get appointments for cleanings. Surprise, surprise – no 3 month wait. Our appointments were this morning.

Dra. Luz is located in town. We arrived on time and she met us at the front desk. We filled out one form and spent about 30 minutes each in her exam room. dentist office Dra. Luz has two exam rooms but we only saw one. Everything was immaculate and our procedure was exactly what we would have received at my old dentist’s office.

She speaks good English though I tried to speak to her in Spanish only. At the proxima cita, we will have x-rays. The cost for the cleaning = $30 each.

In the last week, we have gone to two doctors. What they have in common: 1. the doctor is the caregiver, receptionist, billing clerk and extremely professional. Being accustomed to Florida’s bustling medical facilities with several intake personnel, tons of paperwork, an entire billing department, and waiting for weeks or months for an appointment, this is a wonderful way to be treated!

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5 thoughts on “Trip to the Dentist

  1. Amazing. Jennifer and Leeda just did their 6 month checkup and cleaning last week (here in Florida). Their co-pay was more expensive than your whole visit. Can’t wait to get there.

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