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Reprinted from Alicia and Dottie

I am not sure when a large clinic turned into just regular old “ho hum” another-day-at-the-office clinic. On Sunday September 29, we spayed or neutered 144 animals: 90 dogs and 54 cats. What used to be big is now average. In 2012, our biggest clinic was 136 animals and that was at El Cacho. Now we can handle 144 in our little office like a well-oiled machine. And it was all led with grace and ease thanks to the wonderful vets: Drs. Tello, Cesar, Aron and of course, Dra Chely, as well as 2 vet techs and one soon-to-be-vet.

A very special thanks goes out to the above-and-beyond volunteers Leslie Peever, who took home a super skinny and sick but beautiful dog right off the comarca via Carmencita, and Harold and Bethony Sproles, who are fostering another very much in-need comarca dog. Our volunteers are the best, donating their time and energy and hearts all for the betterment of the animals in and around Boquete.

The next clinic will be on Sunday October 27 at El Cacho gym. This promises to be a really big one and is the last of the year. For an appointment, contact Yasmin at 6563-8686 or email at All appointments or special requests must be made through Yasmin.

The 2014 calendar launch will be on Saturday October 19. Be sure to save the date; details will be coming soon.

Our thanks to everyone who made this clinic so successful. Together we are making a difference.

Alicia and Dottie

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