The Dog

Last night when we got home from dinner, we heard a dog howling from, Ruth(our landlady’s), garage. Although she has a dog at her house in California, she does not allow dogs here in the compound. Dogs can visit but not live here. We thought she was dog-sitting, but that seemed out of character for her. David looked in the garage window and dropped in some food but the howling continued most of the night.

This morning it continued. Beginning about 6 AM, it sounded like the poor dog was suffering. David slid the screen and put in more food and lowered a pan of water. Finally, at about 8:30, he made an excuse to bang on Ruth’s door. “Would you like us to walk your dog?” She said, “What dog?” Ruth was kept awake all night by the dog, so much so that she moved to the living room couch to get some sleep. (Remember, we sleep with the windows open here since it’s so cool at night.) She even got up early to search the neighborhood for the howling dog but never could find the source of the sound. She went clear around the block with no success.

Rosita 2

Once we connected the dots we alternatively laughed and felt sorry for the trapped dog.

This is what we think happened. On Thursday, 2 days ago, she had some furniture delivered. Since some of it was still wet (furniture is often individually made by craftsmen), she asked them to put it in the second garage that she rarely uses. A small dog apparently came into the garage and went under her car. In the evening, Ruth shut the door. The dog stayed in the garage quietly Thursday night and all day on Friday. By Friday night, the dog was hungry and thirsty. It wasn’t until this morning that the little guy got a real meal and lots of water.

This dog may be one of the many homeless pets in Panama. It is very skittish of us even when tempted by dog cookies and deli meat. Ruth has named the dog Rosie, it is a female, but I doubt she has long term plans to keep it. Once night fell and everyone went inside, Rosie explored the area. But right now she refuses to get too far from the garage. Ruth left it open about a foot so she can get in and out.

Having a “compound” dog is probably not a bad idea. She is not a barker like so many dogs in Panama but lets you know when someone gets close. We shall see.

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