Bloggers Evening in Boquete

The Panama Adventure

We had a great evening of bloggers and readers in Boquete last night! Our friend Holly invited us to her house, and her husband Scott prepared a fabulous meal. Cindy and her husband came, and so did Jerry and his wife who are visiting from the US. Of course there are pictures!

Our friends Jerry and Jennifer rode up to Boquete with us from David. Since we drove right by the waterfall on the way up, we had to stop for a moment.

Then, it was onward to Boquete. Our friends had reservations at the Boquete Garden Inn, so we went there first to drop off luggage and get them checked in. This place is a few minutes out of town, but it’s really beautiful. There are flowers everywhere and the rooms are just lovely. I was very impressed.

The hotel is also fairly close to Holly and Scott’s…

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One thought on “Bloggers Evening in Boquete

  1. That was such a fun evening! It was great to see you and I’m glad you and your hubby were there.
    You’re right about the road. What a difference. The drive home was so easy now that the road is finished and beautifully marked all the way. We’ll be much more interested in doing things in your neighborhood now that we don’t have to worry about getting home.
    Thanks for the reblog 🙂

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