Being Bored in Boquete

We had dinner with a couple that is doing their recon mission to see if living in Boquete (or Panama) is right for them. Everyone who lives here has done the same. And maybe everyone has asked themselves, “Does Boquete have enough things to do so I won’t get bored?”

I think that if you are boring or have no interests, you will be bored everywhere you go. I also don’t think that it is possible to be bored in Boquete unless you make it your mission. Even if you don’t want to be with other people, there are a lot of things to do. Hiking everywhere. The beach is only a short distance for sunbathing, surfing or diving. There’s fishing, both fresh and salt water.

For more social people, there are organizations for everyone. Cards and game people meet every day of the week. Groups meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other groups are more civic minded and organize construction projects, help the hungry or handicapped, or provide entertainment.

When David and I came here after we decided that moving to Boquete was definitely a possibility, we also wondered about boredom. I even asked people about it. Several times during our early visits we certainly asked ourselves if living in a small town could become boring. But we never seemed to get bored. As we kept returning, we made friends. When we came for an entire summer, we joined the theater and began helping with Amigos de Animales. We took advantage of all the outdoor activities Boquete has to offer. And we were never bored.

Just in the last 7 days we have: had people over for dinner, auditioned for a play, went ziplining, went to the gym, met friends for dinner, went with friends house-hunting, had an organization meeting with Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival, attended an open house for a new B&B, played Trivia, took Spanish lessons, and visited many friends in their homes. No, we aren’t bored.

What I found was that you can be as busy or lazy as you want. A lot of people (us) actually get ourselves involved in too much. That is a common problem for the newly arrived. After being busy with a scheduled life for 30+ years, you want to continue with that pace and agree to help every group. We have decided that after fulfilling our commitments, which end in March, we will only going to be involved in the theater and the monthly spay/neuter clinic.

People who don’t have activities or interests often become masters of the 12 oz bicep curl. Does Boquete drive people to drink? No. Retired people without interests in their live often turn to unhealthy activities no matter where they live.

P1010588Now that we live here, we have settled into a ‘regular’ life. Sometimes we just hang out at home and read or watch TV. More often we are meeting friends, going to David, traveling, gardening, running errands, hiking up Palmira, or just watching the rainbows. But we are never bored.

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14 thoughts on “Being Bored in Boquete

  1. Amen! The Snowbirds are returning and I saw someone last night that I hadn’t seen since last May. She asked me if I’d been staying out of trouble and keeping busy. My other friend’s comment was “She’s staying very busy and just committed to something else so she’s going to be even busier!” I complain about hubby finding “projects” and not taking time to relax but reflecting upon what I do during any given day I’m just as bad!

  2. A former colleague of mine said it best: Only boring people get bored. To that, I’ll add the qualifier that one must have some freedom of choice in order to avoid boredom. It is difficult to avoid boredom when one is forced to participate in activities not of one’s own choosing, but if you can choose what you do, then there’s no excuse for being bored. Just sayin’.

  3. It makes you wonder how you ever had time to work! What a pleasure though to fill your days with things you want to do, not things you must do. I like what Lynn said – only boring people get bored.

  4. Took a few years off after working 30 years; was so busy! Back to work and looking forward to the days when I can do ALL the fun, personal stuff; just where is the only question!

  5. Your absolutely right! Bored? Me? Nawww!! There truly is something for everyone here and you can be as busy or as sedentary as you choose. Aren’t we so lucky to have the luxury to choose!! Cheers Mi Amiga!!

  6. Just wonderin”… why would you want to move to a foreign country when we have all you talk about, and much more, here in Sun City, Tx (except the beach). One of the golf courses is closed today, so, I’m about to take my dog for a walk and look for golf balls… and… she understands English! Not bored!

    • We moved for many of the same reasons we travel – to experience other cultures, scenery, and life. Our life here is very different from S. Florida. It reminds me of growing up in the 50s when life was simpler and people were kinder. For people who have never wanted to expatriate, I am sure we seem nuts. But we are very happy nuts.

      • Lots of kind people here… I must have waved 25 times on a short walk to the lake and back. Wish I could show you some of the pictures I’ve taken around here… just for scenery. And, guess what… they speak English and I don’t have to divide the amount due by 8…

      • If you are happy and don’t want to move, then by all means stay where you are. We were happy in FL, but I’m also enjoying this new experience very much. Thank goodness we don’t all have to want the same things since we are not all the same in our makeup and desires.

  7. Loved Loved Loved Your Post….Thnx! We are living in Costa Rica for the past year and are coming to Boquete in March. It sounds like a happening place (yep i’m a 60’s product).
    We are excited to explore our next adventure! So Happy For U:)

  8. We find there is not enough hours in the day. We are busier than when we worked. Some days, I just want to curl up on the couch and read with NO interruptions. So I do it with a great cup of Boquete coffee. Lots of volunteer work to be had here.

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