Fair Days in Boquete

No, not fair weather although that is true too.  The big, annual Feria that lasts 10 days is now in its last weekend.  It’s a big deal for the local economy and brings in people from all over the country.

feria flamingoesWe have been watching the preparations from the BCP for the last few weeks.  Tourist traffic has been getting heavier and heavier.  We actually heard the fair long before we actually went to the fair.  We live about 4 miles up the hill from the site but we can hear the music until the wee hours of every morning.  The people down hill must be using ear plugs every night.

We finally went to the fair yesterday.  A man said to me that it was like a State Fair.  It was similar.  Plants, stuff to buy, more stuff to eat and even more stuff to drink.  Carnival rides, clowns and happy children.

feria boyKids dressed in traditional clothing for a presentation.  I am always amazed at their headwear.  They did a dance where the boys, with machetes, played the part of farmers.  The girls held trays for preparing food. feria girls






We went in the afternoon, long before the music entertainment.  It was fun.  We ate and bought stuff from the vendors.  There was a bull outside with a saddle.  The owner wanted $3 to take its picture, but I think that’s gringo prices.

The place was getting crowded by the time we left.  But by 3 AM I was listening to the music – 4 miles away.  Today is the last night and people were flooding into town early this afternoon.  Tonight will be a grand blowout no doubt.  Until next year….

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